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Youths and Women Empowerment; Preparing Our world for a challenging tommorow!

The empowerment of Youths and Women in Our Communities, Societies and Country  and Continent at large is a futuristic investment in alleviating abject poverty and a major way of restructuring our families that form the world we live in today.  The importance of the development and empowerment of Youths and Women is well enunciated in the Millennium Development Goals set out in 2000. In fact Women education and empowerment ranked 3rd in the MDGs. The emphasis on the role of women and youths in the development of Our future is a clarion call to tackle the challenges so as to avoid low productivity in the coming years.

The activities of the Boko Haram has left many Nigerians from the North East particularly Young people and women devastated due to loss of families and dreams. To cushion the effect on the future, Our organization is determined to campaign for a rebuilding process of educational and general well-being of the Girl child and Young people generally both in the North East and the rest part of Nigeria.

By the year 2027 we hope to increase educated women in Our society and more youths in leadership delivering quality services and foreseeing innovations and new start ups. Our vision is a vibrant Nigerian and African societies with equal opportunities for Youths and Women.

Our Organization is engaging in Youths and Women empowerment envisaging not just a society of equality but equity by the year 2027. We are sure that by Our campaign there will be  a level playing ground for Young People and Women in Africa both in socio-economic and political activities against the backdrop of domestic violence and gender bias. We are also devout to the traumatised as a result of the Boko Haram activities in the North East of Nigeria, the effects of oil spillage in the Niger Delta and other parts of the country.


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