Wednesday, 23 August 2017

Benny Umoren Foundation #EncourageEntrepreneursChallenge Winners

This is to inform the general public that the winners for the contest are as follows:
  1.  Solomon Olumide – 100,000 Cash Prize
  2.  Lucy Chibueze – 50,000 Cash Prize
  3.  Nsude Chinazor – 30,000 Cash Prize
  4.  Oyetade Teniola – 10,000 Cash Prize
  5. Precious Ekhator – 10,000 Cash Prize

Winners will be contacted shortly for their account details and we appreciate everyone for participating.


  1. Congratulations to the Winners....

    May they prosper in their endeavors

  2. Good evening, My name is Oyetade Teniola. I'm just seeing this and I'm super excited that I'm part of the winners. But I've a question. I hope it's okay I ask. Why do I get the same amount with the 5th? When I had about 1,300 votes ahead of the person. Please this is really bothering me and I hope I get a reply soon, thank you

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  4. I also have a question?
    I took the 8th position tho,but thought you said 1st and 2nd win 100,000
    3rd,4th,5th win 50,000
    While 6th,7th,8th 9th & 10th win 30,000 total
    Then prices for other participants

    But the above result is not as said and seen,
    How did you choose the winners?????

  5. I took the 8th position out of 24 contestant in the voting scheme,and I'm not part of the winners,how and why?
    Cause you said 1st - 10 th winners
    And consolation prices for the participant,and I wouldn't doubt the fact that I was optimistic and waiting for the result

  6. when are you going to ask for account details of the winners